Todd Surber

Founder / Owner / Lead Photographer

Todd Surber created King Street Studios in 2008 with a goal to create beautiful, elegant, and timeless photographs with a dramatic feel. He considers himself more of an editorial event photographer that has a unique way of blending stylistic portraiture with photojournalistic, candid photography to create very alive, natural, and creative photographs. He believes that this more cinematic style of imagery creates the most visually-exciting and emotionally-compelling story of an event.

Todd relocated to Charleston in 2006 after spending years in LA and traveling the world on assignment, photographing and touring with rock stars such as Papa Roach, Buckcherry, The Cult, and so many more. It was during this time he refined his talent for creating his emotionally-dramatic images. "I believe that event photography is about capturing the moment that forever leaves the viewer and the subject with the memory of the magic in that experience. The right photograph, created at just the right time, can carry these memories with us so our feelings don’t ever have to fade".