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Photography by Todd Surber

Andi’s Senior Portraits


Andi and her mom Karen reached out to us when they were visiting Charleston for a summer vacation. As many of the visitors who come to Charleston every year do, Andi fell in love with the architecture and vibe that fills the streets of downtown. The exotic cast-iron gates and rustic looking buildings solidified Andi’s decision that Charleston was the perfect place for her to have her senior portraits taken, and she didn’t want to wait any longer. Considering how big of a deal high school senior portraits are to some people, we wanted to make sure we gave Andi and her family pictures that will act as a lifetime of memories.

As many of our high school seniors react when the cameras first come out, Andi was reserved and stiff for the first handful of shots. But, by directing Andi on how to place her head and chin, Todd was able to show Andi a few photos with his posing techniques on the back of the camera which seemed to shake the nerves right out of Andi. Soon after Andi got the hang of what was going on, the shoot could not have gone any smoother. We were able to capture so many great photos of Andi, thus causing her and her parents to have permanent smiles stretched across their faces for the majority of the session.

“We’re going to have such a difficult time choosing which pictures to buy; we love all of them!” This is the type of reaction we strive for with every photoshoot we do. Whether it’s a family shoot, a wedding, or, in this case, a high school senior photoshoot, knowing our clients are reacting like that is music to our ears. The excitement shown from our clients just by seeing a tiny image of what will possibly be hanging on their wall some day give us the comfort of another successful shoot.


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