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Best Proposal Plan; A Photographer’s Perspective.

Matt here again with a photographer’s recommendation for the best proposal plan. If you’re looking to surprise your fiance-to-be while having a professional photographer right there to capture the action, this is the proposal plan for you. It’s easy, a little sneaky, and best of all, fun!

The Story:

I had the great privilege to photograph my friend Bowie’s proposal to his girlfriend Iggy at the South Carolina Aquarium. These two have a unique punk style all their own, so I got the chance to really flex my creative muscles and make some dramatic photos in the aquarium. Once we finished our portrait session (or so Iggy thought) we headed out to a little park by the aquarium. Then Bowie made the stunning reveal: the photoshoot was all a ruse!

Ok that might be slightly dramatic. Read on anyways!

The Proposal Plan:

This proposal plan is definitely my favorite out of all the options my clients choose. Bowie and I arranged a shoot first, then planned on having the proposal somewhere in the middle of it all. I knew we could get some cool artsy portraits in the aquarium, but since it’s pretty dark inside I also knew I would have a hard time capturing the big reveal and most importantly Iggy’s reaction. So once we were outside in the sunshine, I found a great spot and gave Bowie the signal. Suddenly a portrait minishoot became so much more, and Bowie and Iggy’s lives became forever intertwined.

Now I don’t mind being a sneaky ninja for most of my secret proposal shoots. I’m usually hiding in plain sight, posing as just another Charleston tourist. The fiance-to-be almost never notices me until I’m physically pointed out. On the other hand the plan Bowie and I went with allows me to break the ice early, and gives couple a chance to acclimate to being in front of the camera. Then, when the moment of the proposal arrives, I’m already there as a part of it, and I can get right up close to the action. This proposal plan also gives the guys a great excuse to get themselves and their fiance-to-be all dressed up for the occasion. They’ll never suspect it!

Congrats to Bowie and Iggy on their engagement! It was so much fun capturing such a loving moment for them to look back on for years to come!

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All photographs by Matt LeGault © Charleston Minishoot 2021