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Charleston Weddings – Amy + Jerry (+Video)

This is one of those Charleston weddings that just stays with you. It was one of those days where you could just feel the emotion, as if the romance was tangible and you could pack it up and take it with you. But as we all know, no matter how sure we are those moments and feelings will remain forever, they never stay the way we hoped. So that’s why we pour everything we have into photographing our weddings – to create images that make you feel like you were right there. And for the couple, it becomes their time machine that whisks them away to that day like it was yesterday.

Amy and Jerry are the kind of people that make friends everywhere they go. And they make friendships that last. Both have lived in many places and have close friends from all over. From the very first time I talked to Amy and Jerry we all knew right away we had that connection and it’s been a great journey so far. My first visit to New York was actually to shoot their engagement pictures and it was just a fantastic, memorable time.

On the day of their wedding, it was easy to see that their genuine and gracious love for friends and family had come back tenfold, creating a nearly flawless experience. As you will see from the pictures and video, their day stated with calm elegance and escalated to a dancing climax second to none!

From Cory’s (Sage Events) stunning elegance in the designs and fluid control of the day, to the gorgeous grounds and perfect weather, there was nothing left to do but open yourself to the moment and be connected to the energy of it all.

This stunning Charleston Wedding took place at the gorgeous Thomas Bennett House.

“Amazing images! Photography was our number one priority when we began wedding planning, so we spent a lot of time researching and interviewing photographers in both Charleston and New York (where we live). We are so lucky Todd was available for our date! From the moment we spoke to him we knew we had found someone exceptional. Todd is just amazingly talented and passionate, not only about his craft but about sharing our story. Most importantly (particularly for my fiancé), he is just really cool and easy to get along with. When you start researching photographers, you begin to realize that so many photos are the exact same pose over and over, nothing unique to the couple. So many photographers tout their photojournalistic style, but when you look through a complete wedding album, you find that only a handful of the images are frame-worthy. Todd was able to capture not only the spontaneous moments, but he also gave us some direction. He has an incredible eye for important things like lighting, color, and framing the shot—these are not cookie-cutter shots. Our engagement shoot was in New York, including Central Park and Times Square. And our wedding was in Charleston. Our friends and family honestly couldn’t believe the range of amazing pictures—from utterly dramatic to romantic to fun (both our moms cried). Our friends were so impressed they immediately booked King Street for their wedding. After getting to know Todd very well through such an intimate process we really cannot recommend Todd and his team enough. He has gone above and beyond in so many ways. This was the one part of the wedding that I knew I just didn’t need to worry about. I didn’t even try to put together a shot list because I knew I could trust him to manage our bridal party and family and to capture everything flawlessly. The hardest part has been limiting the number of photos we hang on the wall! They’re honestly all so unique and beautiful; and they truly captured the joy we felt that day!”

All photography and video by ©King Street Studios