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Day After Wedding Photos – Maui Style

I call these my Day after wedding photos on the cliffs of Maui! When I was flying into Maui that day, overlooking what a beautiful island it was, I just kept thinking- I have to do something really cool while I’m here. I knew there had to be something unique and majestic there, but it was just a matter of where it was, and would we even have any time to do it. It was a stormy week, with on again off again rain. Their ceremony plans also were changing and it’s location. They ended up having the ceremony in the backyard of this really great ranch style house they rented. The house butted up against a golf course with a pretty cool view in the distance, but too far away to look all that interesting for portraits. The night before their wedding, they invited me to come along to where the grooms brother was renting this villa down by the ocean. So we drive up, walk down to his place, introductions and hello’s, and then out the back door to go over to the pool. As we exited the back door, and I looked down over passed the grass, there it was. My location. It hit me like a lighthouse in the night. These incredible sprawling rocks that raise up to cliffs in the distance. It had drama and fashion written all over it. Exactly what I wanted. For the next three hours I studies the area and planned out my shots for the next day. The wedding day goes amazing but we ended up not having any time to go create these pictures I’d been fantasizing about. But I relentlessly convinced I them it would be worth dressing back up the next day and going to do these shots. They gave me about a two hour window of time for these day after photos. Creating these pictures was not an easy task, but in the end, it was worth every ounce of planning, energy, time and cohearsing. They still talk about these pictures to this day!

Authored by: Todd Surber