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Photo by Todd Surber

Engagement Photos Charleston- B+P


I have fallen in love with your work! So talented! I am getting married in Charleston in May, 2015. I am hoping you are available to do the photography and if possible would love to also have you shoot the engagement party the night before.”

How can you not love a message like that? Shortly after I received this initial email I got a call from Bergen. She sounded even more excited over the phone. I love it when people inquire and call with such enthusiasm. I can’t help but feel an immediate connection! Immediately we hit it off and knew it would be a great working relationship.

A few weeks later, Bergen’s Mother calls with a tense sound of worry about an upcoming visit Bergen was planning in Charleston to work out some of her wedding venue/vendor details. It was going to be a fast few days with a lot to get done. But, the big concern was choreographing the surprise visit her fiance’ Philipe was planning! But here’s what makes this special. Even though Bergen and Philipe considered themselves engaged and planning a wedding, Philipe hadn’t actually proposed yet, and this was the weekend he wanted to do it.

The tricky part of planning it all was that Philipe knew that if he showed up unexpected, Bergen would know he was most likely going to propose that weekend. So he needed to not only surprise her, but propose at the same time. And on top of all that, Philipe and Bergen’s Mom were trying to plan it so we would be there to secretly photograph it. But it doesn’t stop there. Philipe is driving seven hours and he needs to get to Charleston before dark to make all this happen.

Now half way to Charleston, Philip calls and knows he’s not going to make it in time, and asked me for a back up plan idea. For me as a photographer that needs to consider lighting, ambiance, etc., I suggest either an inside option or a place that has great patio/outdoor area that will photograph well, will be and look romantic, and most importantly, be a place they will appreciate and value because it will be a memory of this time for the rest of their lives.

In the end it came out amazing. We chose a place that we just recently discovered and had never photographed but we knew it would work perfect if they liked it, and they did! They loved it!

Two days later, that Sunday afternoon, we created these engagement pictures with them. it was a fantastic weekend, and all the planning was worth every minute to be a part of such a special engagement!

I truly enjoy getting to know my clients. Having an opportunity like this, to be a part of the engagement, then to hang together for hours creating more memories while creating these engagement pictures will add so much more to the experience we will have working together on their wedding day, it’s just uncomparable.

We hope you enjoy their photos. I think you can tell there’s a really fresh, excited, deeply connected energy in every one of their photos!

Hi Todd,

Thank you so much for getting these back to us so quickly! We LOVE them! We appreciate you being such a special part of our engagement and wedding. We are still over the moon!

It was wonderful to meet you and work with you. Thank you again on a truly WONDERFUL job!
Bergen and Philipe

Engagement Photos Charleston © King Street Studios

Authored by: Todd Surber