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Executive Business Portrait Aimed for Success!

Check out this new Executive Business Portrait we just created for Chris, the founder and majority stock holder for a new software development company about to explode. How do I know this? He told me so. He came up with an idea for a multi-billion dollar industry that was actually missing this basic software. Out of respect for his wishes to keep things on the DL, I’m keeping his details under wraps. With all this in mind, I knew I needed to create a head shot that did not just say professional, but had a feeling of success and wisdom to it. I needed something that would take him into the future with confidence…I needed something with edge. Once we talked, and I went over some idea’s I had, we found we were on the same page. At that point he was open, enthusiastic, and he trusted me. This is what we came up with. There’s a lot more pix from that shoot I could share, but this to me, says it all. Maybe we’ll get to see his picture in Time, Forbes, Wired, or some other large national publication someday. For his sake, that would be amazing. For ours, a very proud moment! I’ll keep you all updated.

We started off with some traditional posing. Chris came in claiming he was not a fan of having his picture taken but after we moved through the process a bit, and he was seeing the results, he got excited about the possibilities. His goal was to get a picture that was gonna last so he was willing to put the work in with me that day till we got what we wanted. Be sure to check out more of our Business Portraits here.
We both realized we like more of an off camera look for him. So after working through some posing options, lighting adjustments and a suit change, we created this!
Photography by Todd Surber Copyright ©King Street Studios