charleston family portraits, family photos in hampton park by charleston family photographers king street studios
Photography by Todd Surber

Family Photos in Charleston

Oh this family was so fun to work with for their family photos. After a short discussion about their plans while in Charleston, I knew Hampton Park would provide a great locations for a variety of portraits. The portrait session actually started very straightforward as a standard family portrait session, but I quickly realized they had a great sense of humor and love to to goof, so we just ran with it.

The family is made up of the two parents and their sons. The girls are the son’s girlfriends. I always like to give my clients the option of any portraits they would like. So we did some of the whole group, mom and dad, just the boys, mom with the boys, couple portraits, etc. But it seemed like something funny was coming from almost ever scenario we were doing which got us talking about awkward family photo you see on the web these days. So we got inspired to create our own. That’s why in the middle of the standing group shots, your going to see a very awkward and funny family picture of them.

We had a great time that day creating these family photos and it still makes me laugh when I look at these pictures. It’s great when people can laugh at themselves and even better when they’re up for making the fun!

All Family Photos by Todd Surber © King Street Studios
Authored by: Todd Surber