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Marriage Proposal- Joshua + Kendra


When it comes time for a guy to choose the girl he wants to marry, he has so many things rushing through his head he may often forget about one of the most important things: documenting the proposal. Even then, he has to figure out where to have the photos taken, when to have them taken, how to keep it hidden from his future fiancé, along with a handful of other things. However, Josh came to King Street Studios with a solid plan, which made it easy for us and allowed us to put our focus on getting him and his girlfriend the best looking proposal photos possible.

Knowing how much one another enjoyed the beach, Josh knew he wanted to have the photos done on the sandy shores of Sullivan’s Island. Usually beach shots can be very tricky to conquer with the potential of high winds, a high tide, and even a harsh sun blowing everything in the picture up. But, it was as if love was in the air when we arrived on scene, because the wind was minimal, the tide was low, and the sun was on its way down past the horizon.

Before we headed out to the shores, Todd had spotted some interesting looking buildings and greenery around the historic Fort Moultrie, which is on the edge of Sullivan’s Island. Due to the wear-and-tear the Fort has seen throughout the years, Todd was able to capture some great photos of Josh and Kendra seated in front of the Fort that gave off a rustic vibe. He also placed the two in a field of wispy plants, giving them a variety of different looking photos in a such a small area to shoot in. When we got out to the shores, the sun was beginning to set. The beautiful reds and oranges lit up the sky as they became an intriguing part of some great looking silhouette portraits.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through the photos of Josh and Kendra as much as we did shooting them. Also, be sure to watch the behind the scenes video provided above to get an inside look on how Todd works and utilizes his surroundings to capture great looking photos!


Marriage Proposal- Joshua + Kendra
All Photography by Todd Surber
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Authored by Manny Aponte