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New Behind-the-Scenes Video Series

For years we’ve been documenting our portrait sessions and events with behind-the-scene videos. The goal was to create a docu-series style blog that would allow you to come along and get a feeling for what we were either shooting or working on. But the time and manpower needed to edit all that footage became too much. So we scaled back and created these highlight edits to help you get a feel for what we are like to work with, to see our process, our personalities, and realize our approach to photography, and a portrait session is a far cry from the cliche’ past.

The popularity of video and the technology to compress it, and stream it faster has made video more popular than ever before. Also, there’s no doubt most of us are visual people. Notice how you remember houses, significant markers, and shapes of things around your own neighborhood more than street names? We as humans love pictures, movies, and learning. Hence the explosion in online learning video’s and behind-the-scenes videos.

We started this video series with a much bigger project in mind, but we hope these short videos will provide a strong sense of security and reassurance that we are real people and a real business. You also just might notice we enjoy what we do, love connecting with people, and creating fresh, beautiful, alive imagery of people just like you!

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New Behind-the-Scenes Video Series © King Street Studios

Authored by: Todd Surber