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Wedding Engagement Proposal- 82 Queen

Planning a wedding engagement proposal has to be a challenge for any future groom. To be creative, unique, and also be able to surprise their fiance’, without them seeing it coming, has to have some well planned elements. In many cases, it’s months of planning, and maybe even a year of saving for that one engagement ring that will say it all. When Nick contacted us about photographing his big moment, I could tell this was not a last minute idea for him. They have been dating for about 4 years now. She even recently told him she understands if he needs more time. When he heard that, he knew for sure this was the right time and this was definitely going to surprise her. And that it did.

I asked him if he thought she’d be embarrassed or self conscious about getting her picture taken when it happened. He said, “Oh no, she’s gonna soak it up”. We’ve done many surprise engagements, and every time, even if the girl happens to catch us taking pictures, they are so lost in the moment they could care less that we’re there. Kylie was no different. We were even sitting at the table directly next to them and she never even noticed a thing.

I always offer to take some portraits after the surprise proposal so there’s more than just some voyeur shots. Sometimes it’s just a few simple portraits of them face to face, smiling, teared up, and full of emotion. But if they’re up for it, I will also suggest doing some cool romantic pics too. They loved the idea. So after they’re proposal, I gave them some time to enjoy the moment in private and then we created some fantastic portraits. Finally, Kylie wanted a pic of them doing her signature finger dance!

Congratulation Kylie and Nick- we had a blast documenting this magical time with you!

Wedding Engagement Proposal at 82 Queen © King Street Studios Photography
All photography by Todd Surber and Matt Legault

Authored by: Todd Surber